Hey, I’m Francis and Frenzie is my new and exciting adventure, welcome…..

As way of introduction, I wanted to share a little bit about myself.

When I was thinking of a company name, I wanted to use some of my own name but also add a bit of a twist so that my name was combined with an English word that summed me up!! “Frenzy” in English can mean “A State of Great Excitement”, it was a perfect combination. I am definitely in a state of excitement about the products that I have made for you.

My gorgeous one year old son Travis and my amazing boyfriend Jon, are my daily inspiration for having a lust for life. The shaping of FRENZIE has been the result of what is happening in my life and my experiences have enabled me to put my love for these into working practice.  As a “yummy mummy”, my family mean the world to me and it is great that I am using my worldly knowledge to provide a product to you lovely people.

With a background in the travel industry, I have had the pleasure of being able to visit different countries that have influenced my understanding of cultures and flavours. From my home in Amsterdam to my second home in the UK; working in France and Germany and visiting destinations in Asia, Afrika and the U.SA. in between, I feel that my learnings from all these places along with my passion to be healthy have bought to life FRENZIE. As a fun loving urban chick, I love trying new things and experiencing new cultures. I have a great passion for fashion, food and funky interior stuff. I love to try and explore new foods and drinks. And I just love being able to make people happy and feel special.

Being healthy and knowing what foods make your body work to its full potential, has always been something that I have had an interest in. I actively ensure that I am fit, both mentally and physically and yoga and meditation are ways that I do this, but also maintaining a tasty but healthy diet is key.

With a boyfriend from England, something quintessentially British to get my teeth into had to be Tea!!  Everyone loves a good old cuppa!! My tea selection includes something for all stages of motherhood, from a relaxing tea whilst bump is growing; to teas that help mothers (and dads) to relax; to when they are growing up and they want to have their first kiddies cuppa!! All stages of life are catered for through my personal mixed loose tea. I make sure that I balance the tradition of a good cup of tea with the flavours and combinations I have experienced on my travels. All teas are organic and don’t contain any artificial colouring or flavouring. My teas also mirror some of SWEET chocolate bars so whilst you are enjoying a cup of “Man” or “Woman”tea, why not partner this with Jons “Man” or “Woman” chocolate bars……click here.

In addition and with an interest in fashion, street-art and  interior, coupled with the birth of my son, I combined both these things to also focus on creating T-shirts for little people and posters to make their rooms stylish ad hip! I have always had an interest for art and design and try to keep on trend with what is hip and fashionable. When I have been shopping for my son, I have missed not being able to find something with a basic design; that is made with an organic fabric and that is “on trend”. Using a black and white theme to define my ideas, they really do stand out from the crowd with a variety of clean cut original images, making them rather cool, punky and hip.

I hope that all you yummy mummy’s enjoy my products as much as I have enjoyed making them and moving them from my personal dream, to reality.  

Thank you for visiting FRENZIE and enjoy!!

xxx Francis

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